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    What is AsgardX?
AsgardX, an Ecosystem Focused On Real Yield Earning Through Decentralize Exchange, Launchpad and AI Farming.
We are the pioneer protocol in sharing protocol profit from Decentralized Exchange, Launchpad, Ai Farming and Trading Tax to our long-term holders.
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    How can users get Real Yield from AsgardX?
Users can get real yield rewards from protocol in 2 ways:
  • Buy and Stake ODIN, xODIN and Multiplier Points in corresponding available pool in Earn to get ETH (Arbitrum) or BNB (Binance Smart Chain)
  • Launchpad refers to earn 2.5% commission
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    What is AI-powered yield farming aggregator?
AsgardX is at the forefront of utilizing AI to optimize the revenue generated by farming pools in the multi-chain.
Through this approach, the protocol can earn profits from the allocation that are yet to be realized, by leveraging the power of AI to identify the most secure and lucrative stable coin pools across different bridges.
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    How Deflationary Fund works?
A share of the Protocol Earnings will be dedicated to Deflationary Fund to buyback and burn $ODIN. This activity will not only help protocol by reducing the circulating supply of $ODIN but also make the price bounce back.
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    How does AsgardX team optimize the efficiency of Asgard Decentralized Exchange?
AsgardX using dual model:
  • Liquidity Protocol: Liquidity pools are created when users (called liquidity providers) deposit their digital assets into a smart contract. These assets can then be traded against each other on a DEX.
  • Aggregation Protocol: The protocol sources liquidity from various exchanges and is capable of splitting a single trade transaction across multiple DEXs to ensure the best rates.
The benefit of using such a dual model is to save transaction costs and minimize slippage for users. Our protocol has been hard coded to process transactions faster and cost less than other decentralized exchanges.
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    What are the tokens of AsgardX?
There are 2 types of tokens will be used in AsgardX ecosystem:
  • ODIN is the platform's utility and governance token
  • xODIN is a non-transferable escrowed governance token, corresponding to staked ODIN
The trading tax of $ODIN is 1/1 for both buy/sell transactions (read more about how the trading tax will be distributed on Protocol Earnings page)
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    Public sale details of $ODIN
Network: Arbitrum
Liquidity Pair: ODIN / WETH
Starts: Feb 24 - 3 PM UTC
Ends: Feb 26 - 4 PM UTC
Min/max allocation: None
Vesting: None, 100% unlocked
$ODIN Price - based on the final raised amount. Soft Cap: 10 ETH
SushiSwap Listing: Feb 27 - 3 PM UTC
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    Is there any risk in investing in $ODIN?
We have successfully completed KYC, and Audit processes with PinkSale and its partners. To achieve this, we have met their strict standards, which include complying with various requirements such as no minting function, no blacklist, can't increase trading tax, and locking the LP via the PinkSale smart contract... you can check the details on our Audit page.
Furthermore, our CEO has been KYC-ed and approved by PinkSale's partner. As a result, there is no possibility of rug pulls, scams, or similar issues.
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    Who is behind AsgardX?
AsgardX has a team of skilled programmers, marketing experts, and accomplished researchers who are experienced in the cryptocurrency industry, with each member having a minimum of four years of expertise.
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    Marketing and partnership after launch?
  • CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko Listing
  • AMA with CEX Partners
  • Weekly Buying Contest
  • Dextool, Twitter Trending
  • Ads on Dextools, Crypto-Related Sites, and Youtube Campaign
  • Billboard advertising
  • Partner with Top Arbitrum KOLs
  • Tiktok Influencer Partners
  • Collaboration with top TVL Protocol in the Arbitrum ecosystem
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    Trading Tax and Slippage?
$ODIN Trading Tax: 1% Buy/ Sell (Slippage should be set higher than 1%)
Trading Tax will be distributed as follows:
  • 30% for Real-Yield Rewards (ODIN Staking)
  • 40% to the Core Development Fund
  • 30% to the Marketing & Partnership Fund
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