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Real-Yield Rewards

AsgardX Rewards provide benefits for long term users of the protocol, these rewards come in the form of xODIN and Multiplier Points.

ODIN Staking

ODIN can be used to stake on Earn page for rewards: earning real-yield ETH (Arbitrum) / BNB (BSC), xODIN & Multiplier Points.
Real-Yield rewards for ODIN staking come from all revenue sources including the DEX, LaunchPad, AI Farming, and Trading Tax. For more details, please read our Protocol Earnings page.

Compounding vs Claiming

There are two options for rewards on Earn page: "Compound" and "Claim".
Compounding will stake your pending Multiplier Points, this will increase the amount of rewards you receive.
Claiming will transfer any pending xODIN rewards and ETH/ BNB rewards to your wallet.
If you stake your xODIN tokens, you can unstake them for vesting at anytime later on.

Multiplier Points

Multiplier Points reward long-term holders without inflation.
When you stake ODIN, you receive Multiplier Points every second at a fixed rate of 100% APR. 1000 ODIN staked for one year would earn 1000 Multiplier Points.
Multiplier points can be staked for fee rewards by pressing the "Compound" button on the Earn page, each multiplier point will boost ETH/ BNB APRs at the same rate.
When ODIN tokens are unstaked, the proportional amount of Multiplier Points are burnt. For example, if 1000 ODIN is staked and 500 Multiplier Points have been earned so far, then unstaking 300 ODIN would burn 150 Multiplier Points. The burn will apply to the total amount of Multiplier Points which includes both staked and unstaked Multiplier Points.
The "Boost Percentage" shown on the Earn page shows your individual boost amount from Multiplier Points. For example, if the ETH/ BNB APR is 10% and you have $10,000 worth of ODIN, then your rewards would be $1000 annualized, if you additionally have an amount of Multiplier Points equivalent to 20% of your total amount of ODIN, your "Boost Percentage" would display as 20%, and you would get an extra $200 of ETH/ BNB rewards annualized. The “Boost Percentage” is calculated from the ratio of Multiplier Points to your total amount of staked ODIN:
Boost Percentage = 100 * Staked Multiplier Points / Staked ODIN

xODIN Staking Pool

You can choose to stake your xODIN in three pools: AI Farming, DEX, and Launchpad. Each pool has its own revenue sharing, allowing you to make your own strategy and maximize your profit. The AI Farming pool collects ETH/ BNB from AI yield farming program profits, the DEX pool collects ETH/ BNB from AsgardX Decentralized Exchange fees, and the Launchpad pool collects ETH/ BNB from AsgardX Launchpad fees. The APR of each pool is calculated in real-time based on the total amount of ETH/ BNB collected and the number of xODIN staked in each pool. The more ETH/ BNB collected in each pool, the higher the APR, and the more xODIN staked in each pool, the lower the APR.

Distribution Rate

Rewards are distributed every second to staked tokens.
Reward rates will be evaluated each month and may be subjected to changes. Any modifications will be announced at least 7 days in advance before being implemented.


A summary of rewards and mechanics:
  • ODIN: earns ETH/ BNB, xODIN, Multiplier Points when staked
  • xODIN: earns ETH/ BNB, xODIN when staked
  • Multiplier Points: boost ETH/ BNB APRs when staked
  • xODIN Staking Pool: AI Farming, DEX, LaunchPad